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GRAAL-BIOTRACK helps you to know, control and manage every single lead times and temperatures during preanalytical transports. The final goal of this support is to answer iso15189 demands when you will be exposed to the quality audit. 

Concretely, a partnership with GRAAL-BIOTRACK would consist in several steps :

  • STEP 1 : First equipment set up
  • STEP 2 : Utilization and operations during several weeks
  • STEP 3 : Results analysis
  • STEP 4 : Rounds optimization if it is necessary, with the help of a solver.
  • STEP 5 : Validation of the results
  • STEP 6 : GRAAL-BIOTRACK solution build-up

For instance, STEP 1 might consists in equipping one of your couriers with a GRAAL-BIOTRACK smartphone to manage its rounds. In addition, implementing GRAAL-BIOTRACK software on laboraty PCs allow your staff to follow rounds in real time, anticipate time-loss, manage isolated cases such as missing couriers/nurses, planify or obtain statistics.

These statistics are usefull to implement optimizations which lead to a full knowledge and respect of spent-times and temperatures. It is worth noting that exact measure of temperatures is made by our NANOTRACK control tube (not air but blood measure).


GRAAL-BIOTRACK smartphone app (phlebotomists and couriers)

Learn more about GRAAL-BIOTRACK smartphone app

GRAAL-BIOTRACK software (laboratories, administrators)

> Learn more about GRAAL-BIOTRACK software

Immediate ROI :

Licenses include maintenance and monthly updates. We have offers with or without longterm commitment.

The financial impact of the use of GRAAL-BIOTRACK is only a few cents per file depending on the configuration and the number of cases handled per day: with or without sample collector, with or without temperature management, with witness or without tubes NAN ° TRACK.

Therefore, main financial benefits are : 

  • Reduction of  non-conformity ( quality issues)
  • Better management of logistics costs in the pre-analytical phase
  • Analysis of collection points and activities of collectors (schedules, volumes, ...)


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